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The La Grange Area Historical Society was founded in 1972 to bring together people who are interested in the history of La Grange and La Grange Park, Illinois, while also providing the means and facilities for the research and study of our heritage.

Since its founding, LGAHS has been collecting documents, photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia.  Our dedicated volunteers give countless hours toward clipping, organizing, and cataloging of newspaper articles dating back to the 1890's and they copy them onto acid-free paper for inclusion into the museum's files.  There is no paid staff.

Support for LGAHS comes from donations and membership dues.  Additionally, funds are raised through various fundraisers and our museum shop.  Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims and objectives of the La Grange Area Historical Society.

The Vial House, built in 1874 by Samuel Vial, is located at the northwest corner of La Grange Road and 47th Street.  It was purchased by the La Grange Area Historical Society in 1984 for use as a community museum and research center.

The Vial Family was among the earliest settlers in the La Grange area, obtaining a land grant from President Martin Van Buren in 1834.

Inside the Vial House, the main floor is used to display special exhibits many of which highlight the Society's collection of period costumes that museum experts have rated as outstanding.  The second floor is used by the Archive and Research Committee for files, records, and storage.

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